Creative Fitness: No False Start This Time


Almost four years ago to the day, I began Battling Back to physical health after years of being in a downward spiral.  Not only was it a personal journey, but also one with a lot of inspiration behind it, much of which you can read here.

Then, having come to terms with a severe bicep injury I sustained early on—which I continued to train through for some time—I very reluctantly had to put the associated charity challenge on ice.  And there have been many attempts to restart the personal journey, which have, as the title of this post suggests, been false starts.

So, Why Now?

My health, in all honesty, still isn’t great.  Indeed, I’m still technically awaiting medical clearance to begin working out again.  But, given that that’s never stopped me before, it’s only a minor inconvenience.

One thing that the prolonged injury layoff has taught me is to listen to my body and take heed when it screams at me.  Yep, it’s true there is no gain without pain, but in the first instance my stubbornness refused to listen to my arm as it screamed.  And as you can read in posts on the original blog, even after I did start listening to it and quit working out, it gave me hell during every day tasks.

Thankfully, while I will need—and promise to—be very careful with it, the eventual ultrasonic therapy successfully broke up the extensive scar tissue in the bicep.  Indeed, that is likely the one thing that’s improved over the intervening years.

But, more importantly, just as there were four years ago, there are others inspiring me to once again Battle Back.  You might be thinking that the Olympic athletes currently competing in PyongChang are among them?  To be honest, they aren’t, really.  It’s so much more personal than that, and all of them will remain nameless, but I’ll share one of their stories…

A sista who is currently battling for her life against a very, very rare breast cancer.  She’s one of the strongest women I know.  She’s fought so many other battles over the years and we’ve always been there for each other, despite the physical distance between us.  And while that distance remains, soon after hearing of her diagnosis, I followed her example and had my almost elbow length hair cut and donated to help kids with cancer.  She’d had her almost butt length tresses cut before treatment robbed her, and indeed the kids, of them.  So, truthfully, it was the least I could do.

Baby Steps

Almost as soon as this post is published, I’ll go against medical advice and complete—or at least attempt—a very gentle workout.  But I won’t be stepping on the scale for the first time in years beforehand.  I’ll echo the old routine and do that Sunday morning, by which time I’ll have done a second workout.  I might also then take a headshot to be included in my next post, (I won’t be posting my actual weight in those posts, but will share news of losses and other progress).

No matter how gentle the initial workouts are, I know I’ll be in pain, physically.  But, given my sista’s ongoing agony, it is the least I can do.  For her, for others, and yep, for me.


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