Creative Wanderings… WVU Mountaineer Style

Hi everyone,

When I initially planned last Sunday’s trip to the Sefton coast, including the Victorian seaside town of Southport, and Antony Gormley’s art installation “Another Place” further south toward Liverpool, I was more than happy to see expected temperatures of around 80°F.  Checking the forecast again late Saturday, it remained so, I laid out my outfit accordingly; sneakers, shorts and a tank top.  I knew it would be a long day and didn’t want a last minute scramble Sunday morning.

As I settled into bed, I checked the forecast again.  And only then did I notice, that as well as great temps, the wind would be around 25 MPH!  Not great for a walk along the second longest boardwalk in the UK!  My immediate response was to change plans just head to Liverpool instead.  But us West Virginia University Mountaineers are made of sterner stuff!

Getting up Sunday morning, I pulled on a pair of jeans instead of shorts, and grabbed my old gold and blue hoodie; putting it on over my white tank.  Sure enough, the wind was up on the 10 minute walk to the train station.  And having taken the hoodie off during the first part of the journey, quickly put it back on while waiting on the subway platform in Liverpool for the connecting train.  It would be a pattern that would be repeated countless times during the day.

My first stop on arrival in Southport was a favorite diner for breakfast and much needed coffee.  Here’s the view out to the Queen Victoria statue…

The wind was so strong that many of the chairs outside were blown over and away down the sidewalk, before they were caught and returned!  From there, it was a short walk to the entrance of the boardwalk, with it’s typical seaside amusements, including this amazing carousel…


And the view down it’s staggering 1,216 yard (1,112 meter) length…


At this point high water was around an hour away, but you can barely even see the water, despite the incredible length!  Needless to say, my trusty hoodie was well and truly on and zipped up!  Staying upright, or at least in a straight line, proved near on impossible during the trek!  Around halfway back, I decided to take a photo to send to a fellow Mountaineer…


My friend suggested I take others to document the trip.  Of course, I readily agreed and so began my quest.  Not, as with the current craze in search of animated monsters.  Instead, in search of memorable Mountaineer moments!  And here they are…

Southport’s war memorial bisects Lord Street, and is alongside the Lord Street gardens.  I sat by the fountain with a recuperative coffee…

From there, it was back to the town’s station for the short hop to Crosby beach and “Another Place.”  I wasn’t surprised, having arrived around high water, that none of the life-size statues were visible.  Nor was I at the speed the tide had come in!  Having taken the hoodie off, it was a battle to get it back on for the photo above!  I had originally hoped to sit a while on the promenade, but the wind made that impossible.  So, it was back to the station and a journey to a favorite park; Chavasse Park

As I said earlier, out of the wind the sun was hot, so I bought a beer and sat to soak up some rays, sans hoodie.  The Albert Dock, another favorite place which I’ve previously written about, is in sight of the end of the park, so that was the next stop.  The dock is home to a number of tall-ships, including the magnificent Zebu…

If you’re wondering what the heck the “Superlambanana” is that I’m in front of in a photo above, you’re not going crazy.  It IS a hybrid lamb and banana!  You can read about that, and a lot of others, here.

I hope my fellow Mountaineers, and indeed everyone, has enjoyed my latest adventure.  The trip wasn’t the first time I’ve worn my gear, but I’m not usually one to take many selfies, so it was the first to be documented in that.  That said, it won’t be the last, although I need to get a selfie stick to take better pix!

I’m immensely proud to be a Mountaineer and it’s an honor to represent my beloved West Virginia University.  If any UK based Mountaineers want to get in touch, please leave a comment, or DM me on Twitter or Instagram.  I’d love to connect with you!  One more thing…

Let’s GO Mountaineers!!!

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