Creative Wanderings… Lanhydrock House, Cornwall

Hi everyone,

Thanks for stopping by. I’m honored to have you here. The images I’m sharing with you today are just some of those I took last month during my spring break vacation in Cornwall, UK.

Prior to the trip it had been over 30 years since my last visit to the area, so I knew that as well as evoking long lost memories it would also be a time of relaxation and discovery.

Cornwall is the most westerly of the English counties. While there are counties in the US, in the UK they are in fact the equivalent of the US states, although much, much smaller! Click the image below to learn more about the counties in general.



Click here for information about Cornwall. That page mentions Lanhydrock House among the highlights and I can honestly say that yes, it is a highlight. That said, the pouring rain on the day of our visit was not a highlight! Grin. Despite Mother Natures best attempts to dampen the day, it was a great one!

“Lanhydrock House is a paragon of Victorian style and design. However, it only appears as it does because it was completely refurbished in the 1880s following a fire which destroyed parts of the building and ended the lives of its current occupants.”

The visit to Lanhydrock was on the first full day of the vacation and in my next post I’ll share where we went on day two, so I hope you’ll join me then.


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2 Responses to Creative Wanderings… Lanhydrock House, Cornwall

  1. Julia Batten says:

    Nice photos Em in spite of the rain. Great afternoon out.


  2. Thank you for the follow. I am researching my family history as both sides were from the UK. I have only been there when I was a child and only remember from a 12 year old’s view…Lovely blog… Michelle


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